Wholesome entertainment – Janis
Refreshing – Robert
Inspiring – Linda
Very good movie! – Jackie
It was touching to see how God works -Dezi
Touching – Pat
Great positive message; it will surprise you! -Tony
Beautiful way to show what Christ can do in your life! – Kaye
Speaks to your inner soul. – Melissa
Excellent – Donna
Awesome, heartwarming – Rhonda
Great movie with a good message – Kathy
About someone trying to find himself – Phil
Good music – Tim
It was heartwarming fun – Lisa
A story of our identities in Christ – Marilyn
For the gift that God has for you. – Electra
Gripping story – Todd
Very entertaining for all ages – Saundra
I enjoy the connection of one’s life and purpose – Joseph
Wonderful story about life. – Robert
A very good movie! – Glenda
Tear jerker – Kari